I love 15yr old Nikon D700 ... why would I upgrade? (Kids, Sports, etc. shooting)

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Re: I love 15yr old Nikon D700 ... why would I upgrade? (Kids, Sports, etc. shooting)

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Mirrorless have always been more efficient cameras to shoot with as long as they have instant image review which nikon have been behind the others over the years . constantly looking at the images on the rear screen used to drive me nuts. getting instant feed back and then moving on to the next shot is the biggest + for mirrorless.


That might be good for you, but the last thing I want to see in the viewfinder is the last image I just took that is gone and I can't go back and take it over. I want to see what is in front of the lens that might make a good next shot. You apparently don't shoot action, wildlife or sports.

So turn image review off. Even the least expensive full frame mirrorless allow for that. Or, if I’m using back button focus like the OP and using AF-Servo tracking a subject, image review doesn’t come up until I stop actively focusing. And if I still don’t want it to come up, I can turn it off.

I get that people like certain things. OVF vs EVF or whatever. But I’m always fascinated the issues we invent to support our decisions that aren’t really issues at all. Doesn’t mean you have to like an EVF. It could be out of ignorance, I suppose. Complaint heard. Complaint repeated without any personal experience/research. If it forced me to review every image, I guess I wouldn’t like it either. Fortunately it doesn’t.

As for the OP. Hunt down a used one with low shutter count if you don’t see anything better. I think you be doing yourself a disservice to not get to a local camera shop (if possible) to at least poke around and see what’s new. Sounds like you’re one who places handling above spec sheets. No better way than to actually handle.

But the Original poster stated right off that he/she wants the review turned on with the evf.  Wants to see the last shot in the evf.

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