Canon 100-400mm V1 or 2X III extender with 70-200mm III for Safari?

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Re: Canon 100-400mm V1 or 2X III extender with 70-200mm III for Safari?

tdbmd wrote:

The Canon 100-400L II is a wonderful lens, I have used in on safari on a 7D body with some great results. Were I to do it again, I would add a 1.4x TC to my kit, especially if I was using a FF body

Well, that combo won't AF on the 7D if the TC is a Canon one, or most 3rd-party TCs, unless the TC was non-reporting, or was a Kenko DGX, which works like magic on a 7D (but not a 7D2 or most newer Canons, which it will be incompatible with).  I am not sure though if the DGX is compatible with the mark II zoom, even with the 7D.  You'd have to ask someone who owns all three.

With either of those two options, you will get use of all AF points at a real open f/8; the difference is that the DGX will give the correct EXIF info.

If you plan to use the 7D for a long while yet (or any of the older Canons that can't normally AF at open f/8) , then I might recommend using a Pro 300 DGX rather than a Canon; it is very sharp, and is extremely versatile.  If you stack it behind another TC that is reporting, you get both TCs factored into the EXIF, something impossible with a Canon TC, or most TCs.

If you upgrade your body in the future, then the DGX will probably not work well with it, if at all.

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