D850 Replacement or end of the DSLR line for Nikon?

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Re: D850, FX lenses and an Optimist's viewpoint

dave gaines wrote:

ericbowles wrote:

It's interesting how this is evolving.

... I could make an argument for any of these three cameras, but suspect the next update is a mirrorless model. If you really see a high quality action camera in mirrorless with a fast readout, there is little reason to stay with a DSLR other than using AF-D lenses.

Not just the D lenses but the G and E lenses too. Sure, you can use the adapter to put a G or E lens on a Z camera, but who wants to invest in another system when a lot of your gear is adapted to FX lenses and DSLR bodies? Consider the electronic shutter release, the dual macro flash system, the ES-2 slide and film copier, etc. Not to mention the cost of a new camera. And eventually you'd be buying the more expensive Z system, or S, lenses.

I have 14 or more really good FX lenses that I want to keep using.

It's better to be optimistic about DSLRs and not buy into this notion that we're all going to empty our wallets to buy mirrorless Z bodies and S lenses. Tell Nikon you don't like bait and switch (We gotcha, now change systems). I've been through that with Olympus and it is not good.

OVF aside, this is probably the main point for those of us with non-trivial investment in F-mount. The cost/benefit is simply not there, and there’s no sensible way around it that I can see. Besides, even though an argument is often made that ML is a better system, I see not so much a better system as simply a different one, sidegrade more than an upgrade. Of course any new developments will be happening on the Z side, but if one is happy with DSLRs, it is almost beside the point. At least for the foreseeable future.

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