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Re: Something different

MikePDX wrote:

At first I hesitated submitting this project because it doesn't fall easily within the scope of the usual Wednesday C&C photos. But Roel encouraged me to enter it anyway, so here it is in the Related Posts section so as not to take away from your normal entries.

I have long been a proponent of telling stories using photo essays, and this project just takes that concept up a notch. I have been creating short single-subject video slide shows, set to music, from many of my photos.

This one is part travelogue and part wildlife video. It stems from my trip this past April to photograph several species of Grouse in Colorado. It is a huge file, so rather than try to post it directly, I am simply providing a link to the file on Flickr. It is about 7.5 minutes in length, and is full HD video, so its best viewed as large as you can with your audio on.

As always, I welcome and encourage any feedback you might have.

Nothing to grouse about

It is a very good thing that you didn't hesitate too long.

Re. the rules. Just  guidelines and made to be broken and especially when the breaking is of quality like this. Anyway, we get pretty predictable in the forum and a treat like this that shakes us out of the usual is hugely welcome.

So much to enjoy here. Beauty, laughs, the matching of music to the images, the rhythms. the editing skills.

A small suggestion re the editing of the opening scenes. The opening of Peer Gynt matches perfectly with still, small animals that are static and waiting for the day to get under way. I very much liked the move to larger birds and the increasing size of the incoming pelican as it approaches us with the swelling music. I felt that the final image in this pelican sequence could have been held a little longer to sync better with the music.

Then we have a change in the animals as the music signals the day is underway. The animals are more alert. The animals increase in size in step with the music. There are a couple of shots here where we jump back to smaller animals/birds and I think the visual/music matching might work better if the subjects kept growing in step with the music.

Then the music and animals change and we are off and running.

Absolutely loved it Mike.

Mike Fewster
Adelaide Australia

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