Why is the Nikon DF still so expensive?

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Re: Why is the Nikon DF still so expensive?

Weegee wrote:

It seems that it was never really popular but has managed to maintain a certain value. Unlike a D700 which was really popular but has dropped like a rock.

Because it still is today the closest to  perfect DSLR for people who yearn for a camera that provides the look and feel of slower, more mechanical times.

Of course it is just a D600 enveloped in FM garb, pretty much like the Zfc is a disguised Z50, but it does provide uniquely delicious rendering thanks to its D4 sensor.

Combine that with any old or new F-mount lens you really love, and you have an unrivalled "pure photography" tool/toy, a light and compact body capable of driving the latest E lenses as well as the oldest pre-Ai without any loss in functionality.

Importantly, being a DSLR, the Df offers a very nice OVF. Something the Zfc or the Fujifilm bodies cannot offer of course. And that makes it all the more attractive for those who want that "yesteryear" experience.

It is  absolutely unique, and its resell value is therefore likely to appreciate even further.

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