Bright and vivid on Canon prograf 1000

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Petruska Veteran Member • Posts: 9,087
I used a screen grab...

Jason Dailey wrote:

And interestingly (I guess) enough, I did already print these barn photos and they turned out fine. No issues at all.

Maybe the color intensity in the file was lower?

of your photos not the actually photo files. I was just trying to make a point that the PS gamut warning "could" help you understand why your prints are not a vivid or wrong colors compared to the monitor. Also gamut warning is just an estimate, not real world.

I struggle with my portrait skin tones, they look sooooo good on the monitor and blah in prints. It's almost impossible to print good skin tones on paper.

As Gesture stated, you just edit until the prints looks good to you, or your clients. Don't try to match screen to print perfectly.

Bob P.

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