Tripod height question

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Re: Tripod height question

I have shot a 600mm f4 for the last 10 years.

I use a Gitzo 5 series tripd with a Wimberley WH200 head.

Fully extended, the tripod can put the lens well above eye level.

Yet, if I had to do it over again, I would get an even taller Gitzo 5 series tripod.

When shooting on a slope, I would like the downhill leg(s) to be able to be extended more so the tripod could put the camera at eye level.

Also, with a gimbal head like the Wimberley WH200 I have, the lens is supported in the middle.  When shooting subjects above (like birds) The camera ends drops down quite a bit.  That is OK if I am sitting, but when standing I cannot look through the camera's viewfinder when the lens is pointed up unless I bend over or squat down.

So, for me, I would look at something like the Gitzo GT5543 XLS.  That is enough taller than the GT5541LS I have that it is worth the extra about 1 pound of weight and about $180 of cost.

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