D850 Replacement or end of the DSLR line for Nikon?

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D850, FX lenses and an Optimist's viewpoint

ericbowles wrote:

It's interesting how this is evolving.

... I could make an argument for any of these three cameras, but suspect the next update is a mirrorless model. If you really see a high quality action camera in mirrorless with a fast readout, there is little reason to stay with a DSLR other than using AF-D lenses.

Not just the D lenses but the G and E lenses too. Sure, you can use the adapter to put a G or E lens on a Z camera, but who wants to invest in another system when a lot of your gear is adapted to FX lenses and DSLR bodies? Consider the electronic shutter release, the dual macro flash system, the ES-2 slide and film copier, etc. Not to mention the cost of a new camera. And eventually you'd be buying the more expensive Z system, or S, lenses.

I have 14 or more really good FX lenses that I want to keep using.

It's better to be optimistic about DSLRs and not buy into this notion that we're all going to empty our wallets to buy mirrorless Z bodies and S lenses. Tell Nikon you don't like bait and switch (We gotcha, now change systems). I've been through that with Olympus and it is not good.

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