Old full frame Canon's are such a good deal

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Re: My old tech 6D Mk I is difficult to beat..

DannH wrote:

Mongrel wrote:

DannH wrote:

I'm still using the original 6d model. Excellent image quality and simple to use camera.

I'll likely upgrade to the 5d Mark IV or R6 at some point, but for landscapes and portraits I don't see enough of an advantage to upgrade with the current price tags.

Man-that is some fine pitcha-takin’!!!


I really appreciate posts like yours. Proof that good cameras remain GOOD cameras. Accompanied by four GREAT reasons not to despair if you cannot afford the latest and greatest gear.

After a self imposed hiatus of five years or so I recently pulled out my 1D and starting doing some shooting. Within a few weeks of that I scratched over a decade long “itch” for full frame and bought my dream camera from 2005-a 5D. The images I have been getting from it have brought me no small level of joy and my friends and family shots have NEVER looked better.

As long as one avoids “keeping up with the Kodak’s” there are scads of great “old” camera bodies and lenses to be had.

Again, really nice shots.

Thank you for the kind comments.

I've never owned a 5d but I remember looking at images years ago before I moved to FF taken with the 5d / 5d mark II and was always amazed at the how good the quality looked.

I think technology has come a long way over the past few years in regards to autofocus and additional features but comparing the 5d/6d to the latest camera's I see very little in the quality of images that they produce.


I found this video interesting, sure its not the same lens or identical settings but just goes to show apart from faster autofocus and features like you say, image quality of these older cameras can still keep up in many ways.

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