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Re: Video exposure question - Sony A7Riv

alcelc wrote:

Zendit_Outdoors wrote:

I'm confused, lol!

I was playing around with my A7Riv in video mode and I don't understand what the camera was giving me. I have it set on 4k 24p with a frame rate of 50fps

4K 24p represents you are shooting 4K at 24fps... Not sure what would your particular camera will do, my brand shall not allow me to shoot with lower than shutter speed of 1/24" (in reality should be 1/25").

I guess you are in the same situation having reach the flooring shutter speed of your video format...

and on Aperture Priority and the lens I'm using is a 16-28mm f/4 G OSS. I had a CPL filter on the lens as I don't have any ND's yet. I have Zebras turned 'on' and set at '100.' I tried White Balance set to auto and I tried it set on "sunny." I was shooting in strong daylight. I had the zebras showing up in the sky until I increased the aperture to around f/22 - at that point the zebras disappeared but then the shutter speed started to blink.

I guess at f/22, you had reduced exposure enough not to clip on the highlight (zebra gone). However, under A mode when your camera wish to maintain a 0ev metering exposure, it will try its best to adjust the parameters in its disposal to set off your setting on f/stop, i.e. when you use a small aperture, it shall use the lowest ISO and use slower shutter speed. While it reaches 1/25", your camera might blink to alert the exposure meter would not be accurate.

Isn't that a signal that the speed isn't adequate? If I opened up the shutter, to (say) f/18 the shutter speed would quit blinking but the dang zebras would reappear!

For your case I shall try M mode, at f/18 and at floor ISO the frame would still be over exposed, might consider to increase shutter speed to 1/100" or faster (at the risk of a jerky playback). If still not happy, put on the higher power ND filter.

I'm pretty confused here. Can anyone explain what the problem is - why can't I disappear the zebras without having the shutter speed blink at me? I was facing away from the sun and I didn't think I should have to close down the aperture THAT much to get a proper exposure. It was hard to see in the monitor but the image seemed dark to me. even at like f/16 but those zebras were still there. *scratches head*

Any help would sure be appreciated - Is this the right section to post something like this?

It could only be me, but when shooting video I shall use Shutter priority mode and always set shutter speed according to 180 degree rule (1/50" if I shoot 25fps). Let the camera to decide on f/stop and ISO. For very bright highlight that /stop might be too high to use, might increase shutter speed slightly. Otherwise ND filter is the only solution.

Thanks Albert! I’m going to switch to Shutter priority and I ordered some NDs. Appreciate the help!


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