Just bought my first Fuji - is LR really that awful?

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Re: Just bought my first Fuji - is LR really that awful?

SlothRock wrote:

I know this may bring up a lot of different opinions but I just bought my first Fuji camera (used xt4) that I am really excited to get! I've been seeing differing opinions on this forum around LR and how it's supposedly awful for Fuji cameras with the X Trans sensor. I have the paid $10/mo LR version and I love doing just quick edits on my phone, especially while traveling. I'm not really up for having to do that Iridient X Transformer method as I prefer just transferring photos directly to my phone, editing in LR and moving on.

If I have to, I will switch to another app and cancel LR to be able to keep this level of convenience up but I have learned a lot about LR from shooting with my 80D so I'm hopeful the paid subscription LR is good to go for this use case. Thoughts around the forum?

A lot of testing sites have raw's you can download so you can grab a couple and try them in LR the free version of C1 and a couple others to see what you think.

Personally I find LR fine 99% of the time. Sometimes I rarely use something else. But this is true in general as sometimes I need to use PS or Denoise AI, etc for various reasons in rare circumstances.

Don't forgot you can reprocess a raw shot on your camera with different settings as well and just send a jpeg to your phone.

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