Color Calibration Issue

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Re: Color Calibration Issue

rmcohen wrote:

My printer is a Canon Pixma Pro-200. I have papers from a few manufacturers that I’m experimenting with and I’m using their respective ICC profiles. Software is Capture1 and Qimage Ultimate.

I just picked up a Lenovo P32U-10 monitor and a SpyderPro device and proceeded to create an appropriate monitor profile.

I created two profiles, one using the Spyder software and one using DisplayCal.

With each profile the monitor displays images that are noticeably redder than the final prints. I need to turn down the red channel of the monitor several steps in order to match the print to the screen.

Once adjusted, prints match the monitor very well on the various papers. (I’m viewing the images in the two apps in proofing mode using the appropriate paper profile.)

I’m curious to know why my profiles are not handling this correctly without my manual intervention.

This monitor is a computer monitor with high specs, its not a graphic monitor built for picure and video work. 
So, you cant harware calibrate it. The only thing you can do is software calibration, meaning calibrating the graphic card on the computer (meaning tone jump and false colors). And the more time flies the more inaccurate your monitor will be.

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