Shocking - G500 outperforms the 7i

Started Oct 31, 2003 | Discussions thread
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Re: Shocking - G500 outperforms the 7i

Well, you are paying for different things. The G500 take incredibly good photos (I just bought one) and I was surprised at how well it does. Still, it doesn't have all of the manual controls the A1 has, the zoom range, ability to use filters, etc. They are designed for two completely different groups of people, really. Not sure it's fair to compare them.

Now, compare the G500 to others in it's category like the Canon A80 or 400... it buries them.


Jared Hunter wrote:

I came across this comparison between the Konica 510 (a.k.a.
Minolta G500) and the 7i. Aside from slightly soft corners and
moire, the G500 resolves more detail, has less noise, and is less
likely to blow out highlights.

I sure hope Minolta retained Konica's engineers and software
developers after the merger...

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