K3III Sensor Stain

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Alex Sarbu wrote:

klimbkat wrote:

xmeda wrote:

Its better to have the shutter and mirror mechanism well lubricated than to have it dry
And it is just oil.. get some sensor cleaning swab moistured with isopropylalcohol and just clean it and be happy.

When I bought one of first K20D it spitted few oil drops on sensor about a week after purchase. I've cleanded it using corner of microfiber cloth slightly moistured with alcohol and it was gone. That camera works even today and made me over 56k images.

It is just machine. Not magical blackbox. Its like with cars. Years ago people were used to change battery, oil, filters and check brakes themselves. Nowdays some diode blinks on dashboard and people are rushing to service...

With all due respect, this is not useful. Neither you nor I - nor a VERY experienced tech who tried a wet clean - knows what the substance is. The one thing I know for absolute certain is that this is a brand new camera meaning the problem is Pentax' and I have no business potentially adding to the problem with DIY stuff. I have other bodies I can use until Pentax resolves this problem.

Indeed; I'd avoid trying a wet clean and instead sending the camera to Pentax - unless you sneezed on the sensor, this should be covered by warranty. Then, they will have a record about that issue; potentially benefitting both you (if the issue reoccurs on your camera) and them (if it's not a one-off occurrence).

But if you mess up and make a smear out of whatever that stuff is...


Exactly. While I have been dancing with crap on DSLR sensors since 2005 including successful wet cleans on multiple bodies as well as crafting a variety of field fixes for photographic issues since the 60s, there is absolutely no good reason for me do it under these circumstances.

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