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Re: Totally disagree.

arbeterfroyen wrote:

I really hate being the artsy-fartsy one but sometimes the process is part of the point. I'm not hating on post work, but like, as an easy example setting a pinhole camera up. I could probably make it look similar in post but that wasn't really the point necessarily.

At one point it was necessity to do these things a certain way to get a certain outcome and it isn't the case any more. But it's maybe that you like to do it with a piece of film and a prick in a box, and maybe that's worth it to someone looking at it.

It could look identical but I will interpret it differently depending on the process, and I think that's legitimate.

Sure, I can absolutely understand the sentiment. And in general I'm fairly sure most of us have things we like to do with particular tools or with particular workflow simply because it feels personally more satisfying than other ways of performing the task, whether it's related to photography or something completely different.

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