CL2 smartphone rumor

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Re: CL2 smartphone rumor


I've been saying this for years!

And, I've been getting laughed at for years for asserting this to my phone-carrying friends: we ought to put the phone into the camera, instead of relying on the silly camera in the phone!

Better images,

One less thing to carry,

"The best camera is the one you have with you," Sure, sure, but why not make sure the one you have with you be better than a silly phone camera?

You're already carrying your camera everywhere anyway, so why not put the phone in it?

Outgoing message: "I'm sorry, I can't take your call right now because I'm in the middle of a shot..."

Seems fair to me.

Only thing, we might want something other than the Vibrate setting when we want to silence the ringer...

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