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This is REALLY worth watching!

MikePDX wrote:

At first I hesitated submitting this project because it doesn't fall easily within the scope of the usual Wednesday C&C photos. But Roel encouraged me to enter it anyway, so here it is in the Related Posts section so as not to take away from your normal entries.

I have long been a proponent of telling stories using photo essays, and this project just takes that concept up a notch. I have been creating short single-subject video slide shows, set to music, from many of my photos.

This one is part travelogue and part wildlife video. It stems from my trip this past April to photograph several species of Grouse in Colorado. It is a huge file, so rather than try to post it directly, I am simply providing a link to the file on Flickr. It is about 7.5 minutes in length, and is full HD video, so its best viewed as large as you can with your audio on.

As always, I welcome and encourage any feedback you might have.

Nothing to grouse about

In one of the previous editions, Mike showed us individual images (in sequence) of grouse having a romp, and I suggested that those images would look good in a slideshow with music.

Mike took that suggestion on board and here (link above) is the result.

I took a look and enjoyed it.

It's an infusion of fingerlicking and rollicking fun (and good photography too!)

Mike's implementation was even better than I had imagined in my mind's eye (and ear).

Now on to a few comments and suggestions re this slideshow.

1) The bucolic and slow start of the slideshow is very good at setting up the scene for what follows and a good way to incorporate images that are more "indivual" (the bison, the moose, the deer, the groundhogs or similar critters).

It sets a peaceful mood that contrast nicely with the mayhem and show-offiness that will follow. I thought I recognized Peer Gynt by Grieg and was happy to see that confirmed in the credits.

2) Elton John is used excellently: the timing of the music and words to the action is just spot-on.

3) Using the BeeGees and music from Saturday Night Fever is another inspired choice : those grouse strutting around and flashing their colours are very reminiscent to John Travolta in the movie and his iconic poses.

Two very good songs in Staying Alive and You Should Be Dancing, used excellently.

4) If you have more similar action to incorporate in another later video (but don't go around changing this one!), another song that could pay dividends (if you don't mind some mild rap music) is "Shake Ya Tailfeather" by P. Diddy. The title makes it an obvious choice, but also the music and words could work well.

It's a song from the soundtrack of the movie "Bad Boys" with Will Smith. Here is a video. It starts with some introductory nonsense, but then the music picks up :


I'm sure you can find the lyrics online somewhere. Very (in)appropriate and a really good fit to this kind of ornithology.

5) I'm sure there's also a few Jerry Lee Lewis songs that would be a good fit.

Somewhere in his lyrics the word "tailfeather" pops up, but I'm not sure where.

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