Sooc shots of Osprey. Not sharp, Lots of noise

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Re: A shot where eagle was not close!

semi-tame eagle...

Sometime it is the location, for example I tried many times to get close to a type of parrot on my property in the bush but could never get close enough, yet down in the village , about 3 KM away, I could walk to 4 or 5 metres to them.

Other times a bird will get to know you .

I had a female Kestrel not only letting me get to within 3 metres of her but also on two occasions coming closer to me to show me what she had cought. At other times she would fly past me so that I could follow her hunting. (they hover when hunting)  The same bird would fly away when other would get to 15-20 metres of her (perched...)

On my bush property I had a resident pair of Magpies. By the house I could not get close to them, but about 50 metres up the hill, close to their nesting area, I could walk to within 2 metres no problem at all. Same two birds...

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