Bright and vivid on Canon prograf 1000

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Re: Bright and vivid on Canon prograf 1000

The darker blues are coming out really, really dark. I was able to push the brightness up on the magenta/greens to get a good print with detail. I don't seem to be able to do the same with the blue. If I brighten it enough in PS the detail is overwhelmed and disappears.

Printing on mac catalina, photoshop, canon print studio pro on Moab Entrada rag bright 300...

Maybe a different paper might not suck up all the ink so much?

Before I keep test printing my bank accounts dry thought I'd ask here.

Any thoughts, ideas on how to get some of the darker colors to punch up and keep detail? Or should I start reworking the images and avoid problematic colors?

Some thoughts that you may (or, may not!) find helpful, some of them already suggested:

* Rendering intent can make a big difference, especially on the edges of the gamut. What rendering intent are you using? Have you tried both relative colorimetric and perceptual to see how they affect the results? For that matter, maybe even try some small test prints with the saturation rendering intent.

* Paper / paper type makes a big difference. You are just not going to get the largest gamut, or even close to it, on a matte paper--even one with OBAs like Moab Entrada Rag Bright. I suspect your best bet for a larger gamut (without going to a very different surface) is Red River Palo Duro Softgloss Rag and/or Canson Platine.

* You may be approaching the limits of the gamut achievable with the inks. In many printers the very dark but very saturated blues are among the hardest to print. The achievable mix of cyan, magenta, and black is just not up to it. Your Pro-1000 adds a "blue" ink, which should improve things, but based on what the nozzle check looks like, the ink may be closer to violet than to an actual blue.

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