New to photography, suggestions please? (Retro camera)

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hey, wait a minute

Hmmmm awesome, I've been called a DMF nuts and had my pc stealed in the spare time haha just joking, all in good fun

BTW, I'm Ygor's "boss", prefer to be called a friend who helps with some jobs

Didn't see this thread coming, we've been extra busy this month with 2 very very special shoots, hope I can post something on the following weeks.

Since I'm here, I can help Ygor's problem. There's my good ol D700 just by my side. It gets use, but not too often, so why not heh?

It's beaten, has lost a few buttoms functions, but will work like a charm, I'll lend him for a while.

There you go, problem solved

And 100% agree, that Zfc is f-ing sexy, if anyone follows my posts, I'm been saying forever Nikon should dust off the F line blueprints and make digital versions of those classic cameras.

To be honest, I've been saying they should do 35mm backs for actual legendary film cameras.

But the Zfc is close enough, we won't get any closer than that to film-digital cameras.

I'm seriously looking into getting one of those, Nikon has done it right and I'm definitely not a mirrorless guy.

I prefer my cameras to have that big, loud mirror flapping like crazy inside, yeah I do, the bigger the better, fight me Lol

Back on topic, Ygor, welcome to the forum.

Hope you post more often, but not sure you'll have time, we have plenty of work to do, it's waiting for you on this very desk haha

Best regards,

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