Astro photography - southern hemisphere.

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Re: Astro photography - southern hemisphere.

At the moment the Milky Way is well above the horizon as soon as its dark - around 6pm at the moment in Sydney.

The core of the Milky way though is directly above us around 11-12pm.

So if you want to photograph the Milky Way first step is to have a camera and lens that is suitable (virtually any camera these days). A wider lens like a 14 or 24mm lens is easier to start. You are imaging a moving object and the stars move faster than you think. So a 14mm lens is limited to around 30 second exposure times before the stars elongate/trail objectionably.

For a 24mm lens that would be sooner. You want the fastest lens you can that also shows round stars in the corners. That means most F1.4, F1.8 lenses will be no good except for a few and they are expensive usually.

You will also need a tripod and a dark sky location.

If you enjoy it and want to take it further a tracker mount would be the next purchase.

Samyang 14mm F2.8 XP lens is a good starting place. Samyang lenses tend to be good in the corners compared to other brands and are cheap. They do suffer from poor quality control in the cheaper models though so do some research.

What camera and lenses do you have?

If you are planning to use a smartphone then that would be its own special tricks. I think some models promote they can and I suppose they will but don't expect masterpieces.


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