Choosing lenses for Rome and Naples

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Jerry-astro wrote:

PeterLeyssens wrote:

Jerry-astro wrote:

I don't want to start a debate here on this, but I find generalizations like this to be offensive, and frankly not at all accurate. I considered simply deleting this post, but I want to make sure that it's clear that -- in an international forum like this -- generalizations like this, aimed at specific countries and people -- are simply unacceptable.

I'm sorry if I offended anybody, as this was not my purpose. I can expand the list of cities that I consider unsafe far beyond Italy or indeed Europe. Brussels, where I am currently, would be in the list. It was not intended as a pointer to the city. It was intended as an intro to the advice that I posted afterwards. It's probably better to use a single body with a single lens in places where you might not feel secure when swapping lenses or carrying multiple bodies. You are very right that my message should have focused on that advice, not on insulting the cities. I've visited both Rome and Naples. And Tel Aviv. And I really appreciated all three of these cities.

Yes, that's exactly the point. I think that good advice on taking sensible precautions when traveling is always welcome. However, singling out specific cities starts getting very subjective and frankly is really not "on topic" for a forum like this. Please focus on the advice for staying safe and I'm pretty sure that forum members are more than capable of making their own assessments as to the level of risk in various locations.

It's always a good idea to keep in mind that this is a forum with representation from countries around the globe. Debates/discussions over the level of safety in particular cities are pretty controversial, really off topic, and most often tend not to end well.

I apologize, but this is the weirdest MOD take I've seen yet, and it comes across as forced. People, travelers, should absolutely share their thoughts and experiences on safety. We have data and indexes for these things, its a big component of travelling and photography. I've been traveling for years and have never seen anyone be offended by the fact that their town may be deemed unsafe, in fact locals are usually the first ones to warn us.

For instance everyone i know from cape town advises me against showing my gear in public as i may get robbed (as some of them have). My friends in Rio de Janeiro tell me to be very careful because its a very, very unsafe city. Italy is mostly fine, but there are areas to be cautious, like Naples. Rome isn't exactly safe either after certain hours, there's a lot of crime and you can even find destroyed cars in some more troubled areas.

Lol, insulting the cities. Next thing people will start getting banned for saying that you should be careful in conflict zones.

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