Sooc shots of Osprey. Not sharp, Lots of noise

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Re: A shot where eagle was not close!

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Great shot!

hover mouse on photo to see exif for it

Different light different result. Perfect light on this one.

Exactly. It's madness to advise the OP to set the ISO to 125. Auto ISO would have set the native ISO of the camera here which would be 100. If the light was poorer 125 ISO would almost certainly have resulted in camera shake for the OP.

So you are saying 125 will create camera shake? Then get a tripod!!!!

Now you are being silly. The whole thread is about photographing birds. By the time you set a tripod up, most birds will have gone. Ever tried using a tripod on BIF? Also, a slow shutter speed on a tripod would be useless as most birds fidget about (especially small ones) and the images would suffer from motion blur. We can't all photograph semi-tame

Not semi tame it is in a tree in the wild in state of Maine, but like you say STILL

If you can get that close to an eagle it's semi-tame in my book. You can't get within 300 yards of our Golden Eagles on this side of the pond. Them's proper wild eagles them are!

huge motionless Bald Eagles nailed to a perch.

ok whatever

Ok, I admit a slight exaggeration on my part.

Anyways the big problem is she used ISo 400 with F:8 (Which is the big problem) for this image which is giving her problems

Very true. You do realise you said problem three times in that sentence.

And not pixel peeping with a little denoising and sharpening ain't half bad?

Denoising yes but more sharpening when she had already set sharpening to +2 in-camera, is a big no for me. Downsizing is good it hides a multitude of sins.

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