Best company to sell late husband's camera gear?

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Re: Best company to sell late husband's camera gear?

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I'm imagine this topic has been covered ad nauseum, but unfortunately I have to ask the question: What has been the best company to which you've sold your used camera gear?

My hubby passed in January 2020 and left me with a huge collection of cameras, lenses, etc. (Nikon & Canon cameras & lenses; Manfrotto tripods; Manfrotto heads; and Kirk & Really Right Stuff brackets.)Early on, I had a local photography studio owner (who also sells) to my home. He bought some things right away and said he wanted to buy ALL of it. I didn't know the value of everything at that time ,but I knew his offer of $6,000 was FAR too low!!! Needless to say, I declined. (But that will give you an indication of what my hubby had and the condition it was in. My husband babied his collections so I knew everything was in excellent condition. This guy said so himself. I have original boxes for everything. The lenses have filters attached, which protected the glass & they were all stored in lens cases, lens pouches and/or padded gear bags. Also, the shutter counts were low on the cameras I was able to check: Nikon D850 is 460, Nikon D3 FX is 2, 456 & Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III is 5,370.)

Since I was now committed to selling everything, I educated myself about what I had with some help via email from a local photography instructor/professional photographer. (This was last spring when we were all sequestered due to d*mn covid.) I've sold almost $9,000 worth of equipment and still have about 2/3 of the collection left! BUT after 16 months of selling this equipment, plus all of my husband's other expensive collections, *** I AM TIRED *** and I want to be done with it. I could also use this money right now, too. far as I know, the best sites that buy equipment are Adorama, B&H, KEH and MPB. (Unless there is another I've missed?) I've got quotes for some items from B&H, KEH & Adorama and I'm waiting for some quotes from MPB. I'm finding some quotes are pretty far apart. For example, for the Nikon D850 I've been quoted $1,752 (KEH), $1,540 (B&H) and $2,000 (Adorama). However, I know the final number will depend on the condition THEY find the equipment in.

So after all this (I apologize this is so long), is there a particular company that is GENERALLY considered the most fair and GENERALLY will pay the most?

Thank you, everyone!

Sell everything piece by piece on Fred Miranda.

Search on Fred Miranda what your items are selling for.


Thanks for your reply, but I am just too weary after all this time to continue to sell things individually, box up, deal with customers, etc. It's been a looong road.

You can sell everything in a bundle on Fred Miranda. Good people over there. I buy and sell a lot of stuff on Fred Miranda.

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