Photographic Ecstasy (the upcoming Z9)

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Re: Photographic Ecstasy (the upcoming Z9)

inasir1971 wrote:

RazorSharpWO wrote:

Per Nikon Rumors ....

FWIW, if the new Z9 actually achieves these goals, then I will get rid of 5 Nikon cameras, to replace them with 3 of these.

This might have been impressive if announced a year or two ago but the Sony a1 does all of this (and some better) but is an actual product available right now - it's in stock and available for the price of a D6.

Honestly, who cares? If anyone is moderately informed, they already know this. Yes, you will get brand switchers, but you'll also get Nikon shooters observimg the tech that is to come. And horrors of horrors, the Z9 might entice some people (back) to Nikon. Moreover.... imagine if no one ever brought out a product because someone else did it already....

30 fps (over the Z9's 20)

Thirty 50mp images per second. Sounds more appemdage measuring than practical.

9MP 240fps EVF (over the Z9's rumored 120 fps 5.76MP EVF, the A7Riv already has a 5.76MP EVF)

My understanding is that Sony's EVFs are variable. When the camera needs heavy processing, resolution and refresh of the EVF drops. One thing I've really come to appreciate about Nikon's EVF's is that I forget they are an EVF. No sudden dropping of resolution because of low light, or tracking requirements. I much prefer Nikon's approach to the EVF experience.

50MP sensor, 8k30p, 4k120/60/30p,...

Is the "stunning" AF tracking going to do human/animal/bird Eye AF as stunningly as the competition?

Time will tell.  But this feature has become an overrated crutch.

This makes me wonder if they are even looking at what the competition is doing today?

What needs to be better than the a1? Even if the Z9 matched the a1 in specs, it becomes a formidable camera for Nikon users. How much more does one "need" over what the a1 can do? At the end of the day the a1 can't use Nikon Nikon Z glass. So when the time comes, it will be a powerful combo.

Very disappointing that there are 'no official plans' for a Z8.

It won't impress you anyway, the R5 will have been out for years by then. But seriously, Nikon once said they have no plans for full frame. So take comments like that from them with a grain of salt.

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