Canon 35mm or 60mm macro.

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For the 1x shot adding another 2" of working distance would result in noticeably harsher speculator highlights -at least with my diffusers. I'm already looking for a way to extend the twin flash heads out another 2" so I can get better light at 1x when shooting with the EF-S 60mm or the MP-E 65mm.

I use the little 7" magic arms on my yongnuo twin flash. I bought some other piece of junk that had 2 arms extending from a plate which screwed to the camera. I actually LOVED it. The arms completely handled the weight of the flash heads and they were so long I could aim one arm at the distant bg from behind the subject and use the other as a single key. Could also just have them set as double flash at subjects right at the lens to about a foot in front of lens. The issue is they break after too much adjusting. I bought 2 and they both broke within weeks. Sucks because the design flaw was obvious and easy to fix.

I'm looking for something like the Kaiser Adjustable Flash shoe, something that will clip into the flash mount that Canon supplies with their twin flash, to extend the flash heads out. I've seen the magic arms that you mentioned, but I don't want something that I'm gonna have to adjust every time I change the mag cause the length of the MP-E changes with it -just don't have time. Plus everyone has mentioned quality issues with those magic arms. I'll figure something out eventually, and experimenting is part of the fun of shooting macro for me. I'm sure I'm not alone on that one.

The arms mount on the end of lens. Not sure why you would need to adjust constantly.

The ones I've seen attach to the tripod mount.

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