Partition Mojave HD to run Sierra

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Re: Partition Mojave HD to run Sierra

JohnNewman wrote:

JPAlbert wrote:


OK, let's try yet another approach.

You said you have a copy of the Sierra installer in your applications folder but it won't launch without an error msg, is this correct?

Do this:
Download a small free app called "Install disk creator".
I think you can get it here:

Next, you will need a USB flashdrive at least 16gb in size. You could try 8gb and see if that works. It might.

Format the flash drive to Mac OS extended with journaling enabled, GUID partition format (HFS+).

Launch install disk creator and follow the instructions. They're easy.

Is it able to create a bootable installer of OS Sierra?

Basically after several tries I still couldn't get an bootable installer (see image where I named the USB as 'Sierra'). I really do appreciate all the help and advice but don't see any way to progress from here.

I also appreciate the advice about my 17" MBP which I was only really looking at spending money on in desperation!

Thank you all again,



Did you follow my advice about getting a non-expired version of Sierra?.

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