Partition Mojave HD to run Sierra

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Re: Partition Mojave HD to run Sierra

Tom_N wrote:

ChrisLumix wrote:

Don't get the original installer - along with most older versions of OS X, its certificate has expired. The installers were reissued in ?late 2019 with new certificates, and those are the ones you need. Google "old versions of mac OS X" and the relevant sites will come up.

I would hope that the Sierra kit link in

Apple Support – How to get old versions of macOS

points to an updated version of the Sierra kit with a non-expired certificate. However, you make a very good point: that a cached installer that one saved some time ago just in case you might need it, might have expired since one downloaded it.

It wasn't until the first instances of kits expiring that many of us realized that the installer kits could expire.

Yes, those should be ok. Actually, I believe it was the first time Apple certificates expired on old versions of the OS ? I'd always been able to use old installers but they all became invalid in 2019, then Apple released certain versions with updated certificates.

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