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Re: Pre order now also available!

Kev The Doc wrote:

Chris 222 wrote:

nhr5005 wrote:

Really like the look/features of this bag. Just watched that DPReview video, the side pockets are HUGE which would be great for extra water bottles!

They are. Check my review here to find out exactly which ones.

Wish it was available w/o the cube insert but will definitely keep this on the radar when it's available.

Does anyone know if the 44L capacity is with the bag "extended" or is that the base capacity? Looks like the top part can extend upward (under the "brain"), does that add some space to the 44L?


Chris, I hate to question the masters words, but are you sure the 44L is extended capacity? I say that cause the Vaude is 44 + 6?

LOL Kev, PLEASE do not start call me Master C, or MC...

But yeah, I'm pretty sure, based on observations while testing it along many other packs (i.e. transferring contents, etc.).

Am I certain? Hell no, and in fact, I don't think anyone could possibly be since listed volumes are supposedly measured via extremely vague "industry guidelines."

And we all know that such a topic is a slippery slope, don't we?

What I can tell you for sure is clue #1: their Cube XL, which occupies the entire bottom compartment, is about 12 liters in volume...

Here's clue #2: the Brenta 50 is roughly the same height but about 4 inches deeper.

Bottom line..: 44L was almost certainly calculated including the extended top compartment plus all outer pockets filled. This is all pretty secretive, and the outdoor equipment companies  that honestly disclose how they calculate volumes are (SADLY) pretty much the exception.

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