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Re: A1 - V1.1 firmware update - outcomes...

Beatsy wrote:

I've only installed the firmware and quickly tested a couple of things, but it's looking very positive already.

The update went smoothly and didn't alter or wipe any settings, which is nice.

I have a repeatable test for the EVF issue using a bright COB lamp indoors. The EVF issue is sorted for me. I did get one brief moment of apparent blackout, but it was transient (the EVF came on after a very brief delay) and it only happened once in five minutes of deliberately trying to force it to blackout. At least as good as my other Sony bodies now.

The "skittering" of tracking after a few seconds of holding a lock on evenly textured areas (e.g. leaves, grass or gravel etc) has *markedly* improved. The tracking box stays where I expect it to now - glued on. The extra stickiness is very noticeable, even without a side-by-side comparison (which I can't do anyway). Really looking forward to some real-world use with the update - I anticipate being pleased

That's all I've looked at for now and further testing will all be in the course of general use. Interested to hear what others have discovered in the meantime though. Thanks.

Yes!  The firmware makes the A1 a camera I can absolutely recommend now.  It's solved basically all of the issues I was having with mine (IBIS and EVF) which were pretty crippling, so that's extremely exciting.

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