Sooc shots of Osprey. Not sharp, Lots of noise

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Re: Sooc shots of Osprey. Not sharp, Lots of noise

AlwynS wrote:

Elliern wrote:

**One thing though, I always use f4 as you suggested and I just looked to be sure it hadn’t moved and is still on f4. So how is it possible for it to show as f8 and f9???


As other have since mentioned, Sony uses certain exposure algorithms with different Mode settings. I should have been more clear here. With Shutter speed Mode, the only guaranteed fixed setting is obviously shutter speed. But while you cannot FORCE other settings, you can certainly influence them to the point that you ALMOST have control.

In this case you had S mode, the aperture ring on F4 and ISO on 400. Apparently the algorithms in this case favoured you ISO setting and messed with aperture.

It didn't 'mess with' aperture. There simply is no aperture set in these circumstances. By definition, S means auto aperture, with the camera choosing it without regard to the aperture ring position. Having evaluated the exposure, aperture is the only thing the camera can change. If the scene is bright, as here, and the selected ISO too high, as here, it has no choice but to stop down.

As mentioned earlier, S is not a preferred mode for me. In fact, I don't think I have ever used it as I feel it is the worst for control of all settings. But if you specifically wanted to use S mode, I believe you should use it with the aperture ring set to your preferred aperture (f4 unless there is a REALLY compelling reason not to....) and Auto ISO. I did a quick check just now: with these settings, it appears that the algorithm will honour the set aperture until the scene is too bright to maintain F4. Only once it has exhausted the ISO options (down to ISO100 I think) will it start closing the lens.

Again, I don't think this is affected by the aperture ring position. The algorithms simply favour a low ISO and lens wide open, as Sony knows this produces the best results with this camera (with my full-frame A7Riii, the algorithms are tuned to produce different settings).

Why don't you repeat your experiment with the aperture set at, say, f/8,and see if the camera tries to honour that?  My guess is that it will ignore the bad advice, and still choose f/4.

But really: I strongly believe A mode or Manual give you much better control of exposure.

I think that P mode might be the best for the OP, with auto ISO and Auto ISO Min SS set to Faster.  She wants the best results, automatically, not more control. The camera might well choose better settings than she does.

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