Sooc shots of Osprey. Not sharp, Lots of noise

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Re: Sooc shots of Osprey. Not sharp, Lots of noise

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Ok, folks, I am looking for help again before I have to return this camera. I posted some replies in another thread earlier today about problems I have at long end of zoom. Tomorrow is the last day of my free trial. I really want to like this camera, but I seem to have some issues with sharpness at the long end.

Just so you know:
3. The Ospreys are only 200-300 ft from my home

Only is not the right word to insert there. That's quite a long distance.

I'll be interested to hear from birders who are accustomed to getting good results with the same camera as to their success with similar subjects at similar distances.

Sorry I wasn’t more clear. The drive or walk to the Osprey trees are 200-300 ft away from my home. They perch atop tall pine trees. Often dead ones. I park my car about 20 -30 ft from the trees in order to get a clear view of the birds

My fault. I should have been able to decipher it. 200-300 feet of distance is too far for that kind of framing. But the subject distance is still pretty significant - I'm guessing something like 100 feet considering the tall trees you describe.

In another post she said 20-30 feet.

I quoted it in my reply: 20-30 feet from atop tall pines trees, which get pretty high.

Based on what I see, I'd guess the distance at around 150 feet.

Here's a shot of a street light from 150 feet at the same focal length with my V3 (1" sensor). The bell is about two feet tall. I imagine a medium size osprey perched on it would occupy about the same area as the one in the image.

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