Sooc shots of Osprey. Not sharp, Lots of noise

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Re: Sooc shots of Osprey. Not sharp, Lots of noise

Michael Fritzen wrote:

Elliern wrote:

**One thing though, I always use f4 as you suggested and I just looked to be sure it hadn’t moved and is still on f4. So how is it possible for it to show as f8 and f9???

Pretty simple: in S-Mode with the exposure time preselected, the aperture is the variable parameter and thus adjusted according to the exposure metering. The aperture ring's setting doesn't matter if you're shooting in this mode

In addition, you had set ISO to fixed at 400, so the only way the camera can vary the amount of light hitting the sensor is by varying the aperture. If you had used auto ISO, the camera would have decreased the ISO and widened the aperture

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