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Re: Update!

fpapp wrote:

During the last week I had the lens serviced at Midwest Camera Repair to correct the slight front focus issue. They had evaluated the lens for me earlier and also updated the firmware.

As I mentioned earlier in this thread, I was having also having issues with the lens underexposing images by about two stops. I contacted Sigma USA about the issue and talked to a nice and very helpful gentleman who reached out to Sigma in Japan on my behalf. It turns out there was an additional firmware update for the lens that they weren't aware of. They were able to send the firmware to Midwest Camera Repair and have it installed on my lens.

I got the lens back yesterday and I'm very happy to report that the underexposure issue is now resolved, and the focus is dead on accurate! Super excellent service from both Sigma USA and Midwest Camera Repair!

Now the next thing on the agenda will be buying a suitable tripod. My Manfrotto 3021 BPro has served me well but it's not up to the task of supporting the Sigmonster!

Excellent service you did find!  The lens is a Gem and you will be rewarded with amazing pictures!  I have found it is best at 650mm and about 730mm. 800mm super at short ranges but you will find the further you go 500 yards and beyond you will need go down to f8-f9 and shorten the lens a bit.

I use the Poor Mans Gimbal from Manfrotto. Very good platform. The Golden Eagles is shot from standing point about 650 meters away. Haeavy crop from 5DsR.

Good Luck!

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