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Marco Cinnirella wrote:

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Marco Cinnirella wrote:

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Marco Cinnirella wrote:

Have owned various versions of the 28-105 - they are no match for something like a Sony CZ 24-70 2.8 or a Tamron 24-70 2.8 on an a99 or a99ii. Also owned a Minolta 24-105 that I used on film and then on a KM 7D and Sony a700. Was OK - nice build but IQ only medium I would say. There are amazing legacy Minolta lenses worth tracking down even for the 42MP a99ii but the 28-105 and 24-105 ones aren't in that category IMHO

The CZ 24-70/2.8 is clearly a must have. I just can't afford this myself and decided to stick with the simpler Sony 28-75/2.8 sam despite the fact that I had a good opportunity on a Tamron 24-70/2.8: The AF points extension with the Sony lens got me.

Still if I was really goto buy a 24, I think I'll chase after a 24-105/4 HSM Sigma. That's probably the goto travel lens I'd like to replace my old and current travel workhorse Minolta 28-135/4-4.5.

If you want the Sigma 24-105/4, you'll definitely want to get the USB dock.

I'm currently shopping for a good copy of the Sigma 35/1.4 and the dock and later will try to find the 24-105/4.

Or maybe toss out that idea and start considering E mount.

I'm beginning to realize it makes no sense to get the f/2.8 zooms for E mount. The slower f/4 zooms will be okay in most circumstances, plus they will have greater zoom range. I'm not interested in a 70-200/4, however. I already have an excellent copy of Sony A mount 70-200 II, so if anything, I'd be willing to trade up to a 50÷70-250÷300/4.

Thing is I have bought the A7 to see how I feel with E-mount and tbh it just doesn't work for me.

The A7 was 1700usd at launch and really this body imo isn't even worth the money you put into an A77ii. Which leads me to doubt a lot about the prices applied to the rest of A7 line bodies. So no e-mount lens for me

Interesting - I also managed to get an a7 body just to see what e-mount was like - I quite like the images and as a travel camera it's very lightweight, but in comparison to my a99 and a99ii it feels quite toy-like. I guess the a7r3 etc have better build than the original a7 but even so the form factor isn't doing much for me. Don't know what I would do if my a99 and a99ii stop working - I honestly don't feel I would move to e-mount, even though I have lots of nice a-mount glass that it would be a shame to lose.

Exactly. Probably you and I are biased by the fact that we're coming from the A99 line but man when I put the price in perspective I really have the feeling that there is something very wrong.

Those A7 line are like you said very toyish and more kinda fully electronic thingy like would be a smartphone.

Clearly they do the job and deliver superb images. It's just that they don't feel to be camera bodies once in hand.

The A7 at 1700usd really I still don't get that. I bought mine for 300euros second hand and still I find it to be a scam: 220-250€ would be a fair price. I don't feel those A7 bodies sturdy in any way. It just doesn't even match the sturdiness of an A77 in my opinion. And except for the fully customizable buttons it has very simple features that an A58 (msrp new 350€) already had.

I will definitely keep this A7 as my backup FF camera and video camera. But I'm sold that I won't move to e-mount. From the A99 body line the equivalent would be the A9 line I imagine.

Yup only the a9 line appeals but the price of those bodies + lenses ....ouch !

Consider why f/2.8 zooms were important 20 years ago. I'll list five reasons:

  1. Brighter viewfinder image¹
  2. Better focus separation¹
  3. Professional build quality²
  4. Faster autofocus and crosshair sensor compatibility³
  5. Better optical quality⁴


¹ Matte screen dimples were designed for f/2.8 maximum. If you mounted a faster lens, it would appear as if it was stopped down to f/2.8. If you opted for a matte screen with deeper dimples (like Minolta's Super Spherical Acute Matte screen vs. Spherical Acute Matte screen), you would get f/1.4 separation and brightness (at a cost of more rapidly darkening viewfinder with DOF preview when stopped down to f/4 and slower).

² It went with the territory. Since these lenses were expensive and used by professionals, they offered more robust construction. Simple as that.

³ Most manufacturers offered AF line sensors sensitive from f/6.7. When they added crosshair sensors, the perpendicular line was sensitive from f/2.8. Minolta had line sensors sensitive from f/8 and crosshair sensors sensitive from f/5.6. Double crosshair sensors in Dynax/Maxxum 7 and later in A700 and A900/A850 had diagonal lines which were sensitive from f/2.8.

⁴ This was a toss-up, but it went with the territory. Some slower lenses were superior optically because not as many compromises were needed in designing them, but f/2.8 zooms were usually excellent, at least when stopped down.

But in case of mirrorless, we no longer care about any of these reasons. Simulated viewfinder image eliminates the first concern. Focus separation is no longer critical because you have focus magnification, and if you want good subject/background separation, f/2.8 may be too slow anyway, and you'll pick up a prime for better out of focus rendition. There are slower lenses with professional build quality and weather sealing. Smaller lighter lenses have faster AF motors. There are no crosshair AF sensors on image sensors, and when manufacturers start adding them, they will have the same sensitivity in both axes. IIRC, optically, 24-105/4 is actually superior to 24-70/2.8.

That's why I mentioned above that f/2.8 lenses are no longer as important. If I move to mirrorless, I already know I'll get a f/4 standard zoom and wait for a wider range f/4 telezoom. As for primes, all those f/1.8 lenses are looking mighty fine.

All that makes the price much more palatable.

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