Used Nikon lens from eBay: Scratch on front element

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Timotis77 Contributing Member • Posts: 610
Re: Used Nikon lens from eBay: Scratch on front element

Nikon33 wrote:

Looks like it was a lens that you intended on shooting with anyway. The scratches will not affect IQ, they don't look too bad. I would try to get a sizable partial refund from the seller to make it a stupid good deal first, and if they won't do it, send it back (file a not as described case on eBay and make the seller pay for shipping).

I would do exactly this as said above......

If you can get a refund of some form that you're happy with, keep it and use it as the lens

If you can't, sent it back and take the hit on duty...

I've bough countless camera lenses and bodies from Japan, via eBay and 99.9 % of the time they items have been 'better' than they rated them at. Lucky maybe?

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