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Re: The lcd hinge type

reinhard becker wrote:

georgehudetz wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Since cameras that are larger really need to use the evf more and I tend to use it. My style rarely requires working from the lcd. Therefore fooling around with swivel-tilt-swivel-it back again really annoys me.

If you rarely use the LCD, then on the S5 you can stow it with the screen facing in. Now it's protected and never comes on, helping with battery life. But, when you want to use it, now it's just a single 180 degree rotation to pull it out.

For me the only time I use the LCD is when it's on a tripod. So, regardless of the orientation of the camera, I just flip out the screen and, if I'm in landscape orientation, rotate it a little so it's pointing up at me, and I'm good to go. I'm still getting used to the S5, so take this with a grain of salt, but I think I'll find this easier than the S1R's screen as now I don't have to find that little slider switch if I want to shoot in portrait orientation.

For me you are right and wrong at the same time 😀

I was used to the side hinged lcd from my MFT cameras (also from my first digital cameras, the Canon G1 and Pro1) and thought that this is the best way. The simple flip lcd from Sony and Nikon was out of discussion and the mechanic solution from S1/S1R was ok for me. Not as flexible but it should do. After working for one year with my S1R now I think the Panasonic solution is not overall superior, but especially on the tripod. For exact one reason: using l-brackets!

If I‘m working from tripod I like the use of l-brackets because then I don‘t need very heavy ballheads to carry the S1R with big lenses in vertical position. A good standard head will do ( I use a Novoflex Classicball 3 ) when you turn the camera to vertical und not flip the head 90 degrees to the side.

But with every l-bracket I saw up to now, the usage of side hinged lcd is limited, because the bracket will block some positions. With the S1R solution the bracket is no problem and total fun to use.

Interesting.  I use an L-bracket with the S1R as well, but have not bought one yet for the S5.  I did think about this before posting, however, and it looked like the L-bracket would not pose a problem with the S5's screen, but that was just a guess.  I agree, that will probably push me back into the dual-tilt camp, LOL.

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