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Re: The biggest threat to the M system is...

French Fry wrote:

Everyone seems to agree that Canon has been able to make amazing progress in the noise performance of FF sensors. Why, then, is it hard for some to believe that similar improvements can be made with next-gen APSC sensors?

If Canon decides to make an APSC body for wildlife shooters (specs similar to R5 or R3), I am sure that they will include a sensor with less noise than previous generations.

In some cases it is snobbery. Some just don’t believe anything less than FF is capable enough for them. In the early days of digital there was a noticeable difference in quality, but these days it is negligible to all but the deepest is pixel peeping scrutiny. In truth it is just about having the right tool for the job, be it FF, an APS-C or an iPhone.

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