Sooc shots of Osprey. Not sharp, Lots of noise

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Re: Sooc shots of Osprey. Not sharp, Lots of noise

"You chose shutter priority 1/1250 second, and you set the ISO to fixed 400. You added a bit of positive EC to brighten the osprey against the blue sky. As a consequence, the aperture narrowed to f/8 or f/9 in the two pictures.

Nothing wrong with any of that - but if you had just used auto ISO here, I suspect the aperture would have widened as far as it could go (f/4) before the ISO increased, and you'd have ended up at ISO 100 with a greater contrast range."

I think Sherm makes an important point here.

For me, the best results are at f4 or at most f5.6, to keep the shutter speed up and/or ISO lower. So generally my RX10iv will be in Aperture Priority wide open, unless I choose to set at f5.6, or use Shutter Priority for video. Though I do sometimes use Shutter Priority at 1/2000 sec for BIF.

IMHO, your problem is that you are not using the right settings, for the particular scenario. And, it's best to shoot Raw + Jpeg for any camera with a smaller sensor.


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