Need help with ND & CPL choices

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Re: Need help with ND & CPL choices

lehill wrote

As a cameraman, it's quite possible you have more experience with ND filters than any 10 of us put together. If you're happy with the brand used in the past shoots, then stick with it.

PL & CPL filters have been around since time began. PolarPro has a really nice marketing campaign and very pretty designs but I don't see they have anything fundamentally different than other brands. When I shop for a filter I look for the following:

  • Neutral color, no distortions (avoid cheapest brands)
  • Multicoating
  • Brass rings w/ knurling
  • Impact-resistant glass
  • High transmission (~1-stop light loss instead of ~2 stops)

Thanks for the input, Lance! Just because I work a camera doesn’t mean I know ‘beans’ about it, lol! The NDs on the camcorders we use are digital, I guess - there’s a switch that I toggle during bright days. Seriously, I don’t really know much about photography. I’m REALLY good at the activity that’s featured on the shows I work for and they basically handed me a video camera s as bout 10 years ago and I learned on the fly. Lol. Most it was how to compose the shots they like, run the zoom and focus and ‘add ND when it’s bright.’ Haha! With that we film all we can and send it all to the studio; and THEY turn it into something! Here I am wanting to actually LEARN the what and the why and the how after years of being part of several TV shows. Kinda funny, huh? I feel like a super-noob and this new A7Riv has me as confused as it gets just trying to do everything on manual. Lol!

I ended up getting a ProMaster HGX Prime cpl for now and I jumped on the IndieGogo for Freewell’s new 7-in-1 ND and polarizer system. It won’t arrive until September but it’s relatively affordable (as a Kickstarter) and it’s got everything I need in ONE system that’s compact - a HUGE benefit when I’m both living and working out of a backpack!

What you wrote did help me. I sure appreciate it!


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