Upgrade my NEW Sony A7RIV to the A7RIVa that’s coming??

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Re: Upgrade my NEW Sony A7RIV to the A7RIVa that’s coming??

techie takes pics wrote:

I love discontinued cameras.

They work as advertised but they drop in price. So you get a lot of photographic power for your money.

One of the best opportunities is if a camera maker gives you free money, discounts or free lenses with a camera. You know you are helping them to get rid of old stock just before the new model appears, but you are getting a very good bargain.


If you have learned your A7RIV in just one day, and you are hitting the limits, and it's the camera that's holding you back and not your skill; and you use it professionally and the new camera will actually pay itself back because you will sell so much more photographs - then you indeed need that new AK47a+superIVIVX. Get it.

Thanks! I stuck with the one I got. $500 extra wasn’t worth the screen upgrade for me. I’m going to add a Ninja V for my video work anyway. So, I can always rely on that on those really bright days, if the Sony screen isn’t bright enough.

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