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Re: Popcorn thread: What will be Canon's answer to the Nikkor Z f/1.8 primes?

medon78 wrote:

Anybody else here jealous of Nikon's set of f/1.8 primes?

No. I went to Christopher Frost's Youtube channel for  reviews of the approximately comparable Canon RF and Nikon Z optics. I have the Canon RF ones but have no personal experience of the Nikons.

While Canon's approach was surely the wiser approach from a commercial point of view (get folks who need to or are willing to into buying big f/1.2 primes), I feel that at least for the classic 35/50/85mm f/1.8 primes Nikon's set delivers MUCH nicer IQ.

Not according to Mr Frost.

While the RF35/1.8 is quite nice,

Mr Frost rates the RF 35mm f1.8 very good from f1.8 and "fantastic" from f4. It also has IS and half macro capability.

the RF50/1.8 is the new nifty fifty and cannot hold a candle against the Nikkor Z 50/1.8 in term of delicious IQ.

The Nikon Z 50mm f1.8 S tests better at f1.8-2.8 but from f4 they even up and from f5.6 Mr Frost describes the Canon as being "razor sharp and contrasty" which by the way is also my experience.

Neither can the RF85/1.8 against the Nikkor Z 85/1.8, judging the samples here in the galleries.

Samples in galleries is in my experience not a good way to decide if one lens is better than another. Mr Frost finds the Canon is sharper than the Nikon right from f2 with the bonus of IS and half macro buiilt in. He describes the Canon as "brilliantly sharp"

The RF85/1.8 and RF50/1.8 have a quite harsh bokeh at certain focussing distances.

The question of the out of focus rendition produces much discussion probably because it depends so much on many variables such as subject characteristics, lighting and so on. I have used the Canon RF 35f1.8/50f1.8/85f2 extensively and am  happy with the bokeh.

Of course the RF85/1.8 has some macro capabilities and IS which is lacking on the Nikkor, and the RF50/1.8 is really affordable, lightweight and small, something which is not true for the Nikkor 50/1.8.

But in terms of IQ the Nikkor Z lenses simply deliver, and they give you some extra peace of mind with their weather sealing, at the same time not being that huge.

The weather sealing would be nice to have in the canons but I guess Canon is saying if we want that we can spend more money, and go up to the L series.

If Canon would come up with some really nice RFxx/1.4(L) primes, that are much closer in terms of size, weight and cost to the Nikkor Z f/1.8 primes than to the RFxx/1.2 primes, this would be great. Or maybe RFxx/1.5(L)?

I just have a feeling this won't happen, and of course Canon will sell lots of f/1.2 primes. But even though I could afford one or two, I just don't feel like lugging around such a big lens.

Your thoughts? Any hope for smaller RFxx/1.4 primes?

No. Actually I would  prefer to see a line of  very compact f2.8 primes as I rarely use a lens at a wider aperture than f2.8 anyway.

The main downside for me of the front focussing RF primes (35f1.8, 50f1.8. 85f2) is their slow focus speed when compared to lenses with inner focus elements. For reasonably static or slow moving subjects this is no problem but these lenses are really not the best for fast moving subjects.



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