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The lcd hinge type

The hinge type on the lcd can get us really polarised ….

A couple of polls on the M4/3 forum on the subject some time ago both gave a similar results:

40% preferred side hinge

40% preferred tilt

20% did not care

If these polls are useful then it seems that at all times 40% of the market will have some resistance to a screen hinge type that does not suit them.

I have commented before:

1) that it does not matter which hinge is used as long as customers still have choice of type.  Panasonic has made camera bodies with each type for a while.

2) that the Sony A7/9 type (NEX and A6***) with their universal tilt (until very recently) did not seem  worry their sales success.  Nor has it worried Canon dslr and RF mount sales with their side hinging. But I have never bought a Canon side hinge lcd since I was amazed  by my Pro90 IS with it s 1.5” side hinged lcd.

3) that the worst thing that happens is that RF-style camera bodies with side hinged apparently do not sell well (think Panasonic GX8 and Olympus Pen-F).  The jury must be out on the Sony A7c.  Why might Sony pick a RF-Style body to swap to side hinge lcd?   I know that they just previously put side hinge into a video-centric body.  Is this the Sony future?

4) that the obvious solution would be for the manufacturers to make a camera mount that would optionally take both types of screen hinged lcd. Sell both types optionally and really find out what their respective popularity was.  And make everybody happy at the same time.  But the future of still-shooting feature improvements is bleak and video seems more capable of providing sellable features - so do everything that makes video more usable.

From time to time we get do-gooders trying to re-design the tilt screen to accomodate portrait mode but I think that the difference in use-need is more fundamental than that.

Since cameras that are larger really need to use the evf more and I tend to use it. My style rarely requires working from the lcd.  Therefore fooling around with swivel-tilt-swivel-it back again really annoys me. If my use required any significant use of the lcd as part of the capture process then I can accept that I would really like side hinge lcd as my main go-to.

I can use the side hinged lcd by pretending that it is a fixed lcd - but just as soon as I need to use it for a high or low shot off tripod the irritation sets in.

As it is I tend to use the evf but if it calls for high or low shots then the innocuous easy-going tilt is wonderful. The tilt lcd is really a fixed lcd that comes in handy some times. Not a happy tail wagging puppy that needs constant attention.

On that basis complex mechanisms that try to make a tilt into some side hinged lcd alternative are not really warranted - tilters are more than happy with the occasional use of (both-side) hinged tilts.

Portrait mode tilt is usually what side hingers want of their potential tilt lcd cameras.  “Hey your tilters, I have an idea that will make your tilting life happier”. Tilters are not that impressed and those that are already quite happy with their side-hinger might as well just buy a side hinged lcd and be done with it (as they do). Being mainly tilter by nature I get by with the occasional portrait mode off the lcd on a tilt mechanism simply by reading the lcd at an angle - even at 45 degrees I can still generally see a side hinged tilt well enough to capture the image.  Furthermore I quite like square format and it is going to end up a cropped image anyway.

But the S1/SR1 bodies with the double catch side hinge lcd are nevertheless quite acceptable as the lcd does not go into portrait orientation until the second catch is released.  Otherwise it simply acts as a conventional side hinged tilt - it other words it can be ignored until you finally need to use it.

This is more what the tilters want as they are not impressed by the fiddly complex use of the side hinge which surely disturbs their normal attention span when only needed/used occasionally.

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