Sooc shots of Osprey. Not sharp, Lots of noise

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Re: Sooc shots of Osprey. Not sharp, Lots of noise


These aren't bad for images where the subject is so small and the range of light so large.  I'm not sure what more you were expecting SOOC.

I'm glad you did post them SOOC, however, because they provided a lot of information

You chose shutter priority 1/1250 second, and you set the ISO to fixed 400.  You added a bit of positive EC to brighten the osprey against the blue sky.  As a consequence, the aperture narrowed to f/8 or f/9 in the two pictures.

Nothing wrong with any of that - but if you had just used auto ISO here, I suspect the aperture would have widened as far as it could go (f/4) before the ISO increased, and you'd have ended up at ISO 100 with a greater contrast range.

You could also have used M mode at 1/1250 and f/4 with auto ISO to reach the same end point, etc etc.

The actual mode (P,A,S,M) is far less important than the shutter speed/aperture/ISO endpoint which you reach.

These are difficult pictures because they have such a large dynamic range - from sunlit white (even brighter than the sky) to black.  In that situation a low ISO is particularly important.  I'd say you did as well as one could given the light and the higher ISO- The sunlit white areas are not badly overexposed, and it's possible to brighten the dark areas a lot, even from the JPG. (I'll spare you my "but if you had saved is as raw" macro)

The image is well-focused and sharp, and it's easy to remove the noise and adjust the lighting with some easy postprocessing

Beyond that, keep in mind that to fill the frame, you'll  need to get about as close as  you were with your recent rabbit.

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