Pen-F Mark 2, when?

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Re: Pen-F Mark 2, when?

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acfo wrote:

. My guestimate skills put the release of a Pen-F mark 2 sometime in 2022 with the new sensor.

I think you are being overly optimistic

I think that it is not realistic to think that Olympus is interested in developing for OMD other cameras which are not already in the pipeline


I think too many underestimate the value of the entire Olympus m43rds lens suite. The same development cost that Nikon is struggling with for their Z-mount is already paid for.

It is interesting that while the PEN F was said to not have quite met expectations, I don't think I ever read quite the doom and gloom sales figures suggested here and other discussions. The fact is today you can't buy anything but a used pen F, while you can still buy an EM5 mark 2 new.

My suspicion is we will see a weather sealed PEN F, with new sensor, PDAF and all the bells and whistles plus weather sealing. It wouldn't surprise me if we see it launch alongside some weather sealed small "pro" primes.

One of the downsides of a well established mount is we don't see the excitement of the "new" macro release, or the "retro" body. We have a superb and tiny 30m macro, a small and superb 45mm macro, a small and superb 60mm macro, we have all the lenses in this system by a good long margin, so people get bored.

I hope OMDS recognizes we need a bit of interest and unusual products. A weather sealed PEN F with a set of compact primes, I would love a 14mm f2, 20mm f2 and 40mm f2. All slightly wider than the lenses we have, all weather sealed and designed to match the PEN F.

Either way, I am actually enjoying the anticipation. My gear works superbly well, continues to bring in clients and serve its purpose.

Why do you think Nikon is struggling?

Olympus has left the building, that’s a fact though

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