Is the lack of a dedicated GPS a serious K3iii dealbreaker?

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Re: Is the lack of a dedicated GPS a serious K3iii dealbreaker?

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From the responses so far, I understand that battery drain could be a problem with incorporated GPS units, if available on the K3iii while an OGPS attached unit would take up the space on my hot shoe. Several years ago, with my K5iis, I used a Q-1000XT GPS travel recorder, which actually plotted all my movements for the time I had the unit turned on. Later, I could trace my many movements on a map for days and zoom in to particular times to see where I was situated at the moment. While the unit worked perfectly, I found it cumbersome to transfer the GPS data into my K5iis EXIF files. Perhaps it’s a more convenient and automatic process now than years ago but I haven’t seen this process explained as it should be set up for a DSLR. This would circumvent the problem of no GPS on the K3iii.

Do you use LR? There is a "Map" module for geotagging. The only thing you need is a GPX file with the track.

But there are other ways to do that .. using open-source software. Pretty much a script that geotags images in a batch.

It is an extra step .. but if you have a smartphone you can use it to generate a GPX file and then tag your images in the computer.

I used to do this until I got an O-GPS1, but now I rarely even use that. Oh well, just me.

In theory, nice. In practice, problems.

  • I do not like to modify original files. It messes up time stamps and also backup.
  • It is not certain that the clocks are synchronized. In particular, when out travelling you might have missed time zone.

Once a day I take a picture of the phone/device screen showing the time. Then I can synch the photo times to the GPS time. Yet another extra step but it works.

OK - and then you check later if it is off. One more thing to (remember to) do.

And what do you do if it is off? Does the software have some correction setting?

Yes .. it is easy to do batch time correction in LR for example. I often mess up time when traveling or when DST is changed. I don't bother fixing +/- few minutes .. but hours matter for geotagging.



  • If it is a phone, my experience is that it is NOT accurate. Mostly due to saving battery.
  • If it is a gadget, one more thing that needs a charged battery.
  • If it is a phone, the battery is drained.
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