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Jamajuel wrote:

Daft Punk wrote:

You should be prepared for realising that often ( when taking images in good light ) you will not see any major improvement in image quality over your G9 when looking at images at normal viewing distance.

As someone who's come from M43, I just don't experienced it like that. Yes, if light is good, then you get images that are indistinguishable and good from both (unless you need very shallow DOF).

But from my experience, the average IQ on the S series is significantly higher than M43. By "average" I mean: compare any two reasonably large sets of >100 images taken in one shooting. By "significant" I mean that I have no trouble picking out FF vs M43 immediately in such comparisons, without fail.

(PS: doesn't mean I don't like M43. I still kept many M43 lenses and my old GX7 and if they actually bring out a few new bodies with a new sensor, I would love to get another small compact body.)

I agree, even the cheap 20-60mm has better overal quality than the "pro" 12-35mm or 12-60mm PL.
But M43 will give better reach, stabilization and size than FF equivalent 99% of the time at the cost of the low light performance and a bit of DR and tonality (100-400mm or 50-200mm PL for exemple).

However there is some M43 (very few) lenses like the 10-25mm who can compare with very good FF lenses like the 24-70mm S Pro. Yes the 24-70mm S is great, nice rendering, very good sharpness and "3D pop" effect but the 10-25mm is very special, the way the lens renders, the contrast and colors (Leica-esque). It is expensive but not only because it replace a lot of prime, there is some magic inside.
I can't sell my GH5 because of this lens and the 45mm Pro.

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