how does the EF-RF Adapter work with 3rd party lenses?

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Re: how does the EF-RF Adapter work with 3rd party lenses?

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Wade Oram wrote:

I can't say how the EF-RF adapter works will all third party lenses but it works flawlessly with the two Sigma lenses that I have:

  1. Sigma 70-200 F2.8 EX HSM (Bought second hand in 2001. This is the older non-macro version - not the first macro version that was launched a bit later).
  2. Sigma 50mm f1.4 EX - not the current Art version.

I have good collection of14 lenses and also a bunch EF i have got since EF mount began around 1990. I have around ten adapters for the lenses so I shoot and do not share adapters. Some are Canon and some are third party. I like them all fine and they all permit the L mount lenses to work as well or better on the RF mount cameras than on the original EF mount bodies. I have the 5DIV still still use it for some things. Most current shooting is with EOS R and R5 though. I would say R5 is an amazing upgrade for the 5DIV which truly my best ever DSLR or camera prior to the R5. The R is a good camera I bought a couple of years ago to see what this mirrorless was about really. It is some ways is better than 5DIV but not all ways while the R5 is much better than 5DIV in nearly all ways.

The adapters are not big deal and provide all the performance you could expect from a lens on a DSLR and more. I have become so enamored with the R5 awesome versatility that I have also bought the RF trinity of lenses and five other RF lenses. Hard to believe they could better than EF lenses but they are better. Each and every one. The 50MM lenses on EF mount have be good and with great character but not clinically sharp so I bought the Sigma ART primes for 50, 85 and 135 which are clinically sharp. They work great on the RF mount when adapted. However, they not as amazing as the clinically sharp RF50f1.2.

Welcome to the RF Canon family and you do have to use other than you EF lenses while your family of RF is young but overtime if you truly have gas you find incredible RF lenses that suit you better like I did. Until adapted EF lenses work perfectly well and provide an easy transition and help your budget.

Thanks everyone for your input - it sounds encouraging.  What is the consensus regarding the new RF 24-105f4?

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