Sell only FF Cameras: But sell fully compatible 4:3 and APS-C lenses

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Re: Sell only FF Cameras: But sell fully compatible 4:3 and APS-C lenses

FrancoD wrote:

It does not work out like that.

As an example, the Sony A7 , 60 MP on FF, is 26 MP on APS C mode.

It is a lot less expensive to make a 26 MP (or close ) APS C sensor than one 60 MP FF sensor.

So why would I spend the extra money if the APS C works for me ?

And ,BTW, why would I buy a lens that only covers the APS C sensor to use it on an FF camera ? (apart maybe for sport and birding...)

I think the premise laid out in the OP is that the cost of FF vs APS-c (etc.) sensors is nowadays small in relation to the cost of the rest of the camera, and especially lenses.

Pixel counts are largely pretty irrelevant in terms of cost.

(In addition, I would say that sensor size seems to pale into largely insignificance when one looks at the vast bulk surrounding it.  I would think that the probable negative effect on IBIS would be the only major disadvantage.)

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- Keith.

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