Canon R5 and Flash

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Re: Canon R5 and Flash

paulm2020 wrote:

With Canon r5 and profoto b10 with the profoto ttl-c air controller the only limitation I have come across is that the TTL does not really work when the camera is focused on a subject within 1 meter of the camera. This might account for the wildly different exposures you are getting.

This is mentioned as a known issue on the profoto website on the tech specs page of the air TTL controller Other than that it works great.

There is a new firmware that might correct this. I haven’t updated yet though to test. **

** New firmware updates that improve Canon camera compatibility are now available.

We have
- Released an update for A1, A1X, A10, Connect, and Air Remote TTL-C, that is fixing flash auto exposure function (TTL) at short focus distances (<1 meter) for all supported mirrorless Canon.
EOS cameras (EOS R, R5, R6, and 1DX Mk III (in mirrorless mode),
- Added Canon EOS R6 to the list of supported Canon camera models.

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